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Class Various class modifiers are listed below : new public protected internal private abstract sealed static Class – new modifier The new modifier is permitted on nested classes. It specifies that the class hides an inherited member by the same name. It is a compile-time error for the new modifier to appear on a class declaration that is not a nested class declaration. Class – Abstract

Server controls persist their state when EnableViewState is set to False

The following server controls persist their information across requests even when the control ViewState (the EnableViewState attribute) is set to False: The TextBox control. The CheckBox control. The RadioButton control. Steps to explain above behaviour 1) Create a Web Site project 2) Add a web page to project  for example Default.aspx 3) Add below HTML code to Default.aspx page <form id=”
Question . I have a stored procedure whose return value is calculated by MAX(). When I drag the stored procedure to the O/R Designer surface, the return value is not correct. A. LINQ to SQL provides two ways to return database-generated values by way of stored procedures: By naming the output result. By explicitly specifying an output parameter. The following is an example of incorrect

Serialization and Encoding in WCF

An important part of communication between WCF Applications is Serialization . Serialization and deserialization are processes involved in converting objects to stream of data and then retrieving objects . DataContractSerializer WCF provides new serialization engine called DataContractSerializer which performs serialization and deserialization .During serialization , DataContractSerializer

WCF Quiz Part 2

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WCF Quiz Part 2 Question 1 : Which is the namespace most commonly used in WCF Service ? 1. System.Service 2. System.Data 3. System.ServiceModel 4. System.Web   Question 2 :   Which namespace is required in a class to use DataContract or DataMember attribute for a class or properties?   1. using System.Runtime.Serialization; 2. using System.ServiceModel; 3. using

WCF Channels

Channels are building blocks of communication between client and server in WCF.

Singleton Design Pattern in C#

Singleton Design Pattern in C# Singleton Design pattern ensures a class has only one instance and provide a global point of access to it. Simple Singleton Design Pattern – Not thread safe Code Snippet showing a simple Singleton Design pattern : /// /// The ‘Singleton’ Design Pattern /// public class Singleton { // Define a static class variable private static Singleton _instance; // Have a

WCF Contract Attributes

Service Contract Attributes Service Contract Attributes are used to modify the service contract. Following are various Service Contract attributes that can be specified at service contract level : Name – controls the name of contract in the WSDL element. Namespace – controls the namespace of the contract in the WSDL element ConfigurationName – specifies the name of the service element in the
Transactions consists of set of activities in which all activities succeeds or fails. Transactions follows ACID properties . Atomicity ( A ) – means all transactions are either committed or rolled back to previous state Consistency ( C ) – means changes made by transactions causes transformation from one state to other Isolation ( I ) – prevents one transaction to see uncommitted changes

WCF – Windows Communication Foundation

Introduction .NET Framework 3.0 introduces four important features :Windows Communication Foundation ( WCF ) Windows Presentation Foundation ( WPF ) Windows Workflow Foundation ( WWF ) Windows Card Space WCF provides combined features of Web Services , Remoting , MSMQ and COM+ . It is used for building and deploying network distributed services. WCF provides few important features. So lets

C# Partial Methods

Partial methods can be defined in one part of a type declaration and implemented in another. The implementation is optional; if no part implements the partial method, the partial method declaration and all calls to it are removed from the type declaration resulting from the combination of the parts. Partial methods cannot define access modifiers, but are implicitly private. Their return type must

C# Static and Instance Members

Members of a class are either static members or instance members. Generally speaking, it is useful to think of static members as belonging to class types and instance members as belonging to objects (instances of class types). When a field, method, property, event, operator, or constructor declaration includes a static modifier, it declares a static member. In addition, a constant or type

Introduction to the Architecture of ASP.NET AJAX

ASP.NET AJAX has 2 main components:  AJAX Library – This runs on the client AJAX Extensions – This runs on the server.  Interview Questions .NET Framework Interview Questions ASP.NET Interview Questions C# Interview Questions ADO.NET Interview Questions OOPs Interview Questions XML Interview Questions SQL Server Interview Questions Javascript Interview Questions AJAX Interview Questions Web

Process for Implementing Triggers and Timers

Process for Implementing Triggers and Timers An UpdatePanel control on your page will update (through a partial-page postback operation) when a control that it contains causes a postback (for example, when you click a Button control in the ContentTemplate of the UpdatePanel control). You can also use triggers and timers to cause UpdatePanel controls to update in response to other events on the

Web Site Projects Versus Web Application Projects

Visual Studio 2005 provides two project models : ■ Web Application project ■ Web Site project How to create Web Site Project ? To create New Web Site project : Open Visual Studio Click on File -> New -> Web Site New Web Site Dialog box opens. Specify the location Click on “OK” button . Web Site project is created and Solution Explorer is displayed

Concurrency Mode in WCF

Concurrency is used to control number of threads active in an InstanceContext at any one time. The following three concurrency modes are available: •Single: Each instance context is allowed to have a maximum of one thread processing messages in the instance context at a time. Other threads wishing to use the same instance context must block until the original thread exits the instance context.

Service Throttling Behavior in WCF

The ServiceThrottlingBehavior class exposes properties that you can use to limit how many instances or sessions are created at the application level. Using this behavior, you can fine-tune the performance of your Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application. Controlling Service Instances and Concurrent Calls ServiceThrottlingBehavior exposes three properties : MaxConcurrentSessions

Instance Context Mode in WCF

Instance Context Mode InstanceContextMode is used to control how service instances are allocated in response to client calls. InstanceContextMode has following values: •Single – One service instance is allocated for all client calls. •PerCall – One service instance is allocated for each client call. •PerSession – One service instance is allocated for each client session. The default setting

Service-Oriented Architecture ( SOA )

Introduction: In today’s technology-driven world with globalization, rapid business changes and with ever growing challenges posed by integration between globally distributed systems , there is a strong need to ‘loosely couple software systems’ to enable everyone to use them without dealing with issues concerning the platform and the language the systems are written in. ‘Service-Oriented

ASP.NET Web Application Security

ASP.NET with IIS, can authenticate user credentials such as names and passwords using any of the following authentication methods: •Windows: Basic, digest, or Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM or Kerberos). •Microsoft Passport authentication •Forms authentication •Client Certificate authentication ASP.NET has two security functions i.e Authentication and Authorization. Authentication  –

Cross Page Posting in ASP.NET Page

The Server.Transfer method can be used to move between webpages. This does not change the URL In ASP.NET 2.0 , cross page posting feature was introduced . This allows one to fire a normal post back to a different page in the application. In the target page, one can then access the values of server controls in the source page that initiated the postback. To use cross page posting, one can set the

Hosting WCF Service

WCF service can be hosted in four ways : 1. Internet Information Server (IIS) WCF services can be hosted within Internet Information Services. There is no requirement to write hosting code as part of the application and IIS automatically activates the service code as required. Services also benefit from IIS features such as management of process lifetime and automatic application restart after

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