Olympiad Math Preparation – Class 2 – Number Sense – Numerals and Number Names (3 digits)

Olympiad Math Preparation – Class 2

Number Sense – Numerals and Number Names (3 digits) 

  1. What is number name of 101 ?
a. One Hundredb. One Hundred Ten
c. One Hundred Oned. One Hundred Eleven

2. Which of the following number names do not belong to collections of numbers in picture :

Collection of numbers
a. Four hundred fourty fiveb. Three hundred fourty five
c. Three hundred ninety threed. Three hundred sixty seven

3. Which of below number names are shown in television screen :

a. Five hundred thirty twob. Four hundred seventy two
c. Seven hundred eighty nined. Six hundred thirty four

4. 908 written in words is ___________________

a. Ninety and eightb. Nine hundred and eight
c. Nine hundred and eightyd. Nine zero and eight

5. Select the incorrect match

a. Nine hundred and ninety six – 969b. Seven hundred and twelve – 712
c. Eight hundred and seven – 807d. Four hundred and fifty two – 452

6. Which box shows the correct number name – 734

a. undefinedb. undefined

7. Select the correct match

I. Two hundred forty sixi. 232
II. Two hundred thirty twoii. 263
III. Two hundred forty twoiii. 246
IV. Two hundred sixty threeiv. 242
a. I-iii , II-i, III-ii, IV-ivb. I-iii , II-i, III-iv, IV-ii
c. I-i , II-ii, III-iii, IV-ivd. I-iii , II-ii, III-iv, IV-i

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