Constructor Overloading
Constructor oveloading enables to have constructors with different sets of parameters.

Example below:

public class Employee
    public Employee()
        // This is the no parameter constructor method.
        // First Constructor
    public Employee(int Age)
        // This is the constructor with one parameter i.e. Age.
        // Second Constructor
    public Employee(int Age, string Name)
        // This is the constructor with two parameters i.e. Age and Name.
        // Third Constructor
Call to the constructor now depends on the way you instantiate the object.

For example:

Employee objEmp = new Employee()
// At this time the code of no parameter 
// constructor (First Constructor)will be executed
Employee objEmp = new Employee(12)
// At this time the code of one parameter 
// constructor(Second Constructor)will be
// executed.

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