Setting up Java Development Environment – Windows

Setting up Java Development Environment – Windows

Step 1 : Go to URL : and Click on Java SE link under Download section

Step 2: Click on JDK download icon for example Java Platform ( JDK ) 7u51  installer

Step 3 : Accept the licence Agreement and download the correct installer  depending upon operating system i.e. Linux , MAC OS , Solaris and Windows and on 64 or 86 bit . Click on Download link and download the installer. For example for Windows 64 bit operating system : jdk-7u51-windows-x64.exe

Step 4 : Click on downloaded installer and install JDK
Step 5 : Navigate to Program files and locate bin folder under Java folder. Note down the path of bin folder : C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_51bin

Step 6 :  Go to Control Panel -> System -> Environment Variables

Step 7 : Edit Path Environment Variables by adding collon and path of Java bin folder

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