National Level Science Talent Search Examination- NSTSE – CLASS 2 QUESTION 2021 – PART 3

Look at the picture and answer question no. 21 – 23.

21. Who wished to have a pet ?
(A) Maggie (B) Radha
(C) Sony (D) Teena

22. Harry believes that a cat will be
(A) a burden (B) a great worry
(C) a good friend (D) an experience

23. What does pets teach us ?
(A) To tease animals (B) To respect all living beings
(C) To grow plants (D) To fight with each other

24. What kind of clothes are made from the fibre that we get from the figure shown below ?

(A) Cotton (B) Silk
(C) Woollen (D) Nylon

25. Which animal provides us leather ?options

26. Which of these cannot grow ?

27. Which of these become a mango in mango tree

(A) A root (B) A flower
(C) A leaf (D) A twig

28. Animal that is hunted and killed for food is called prey. which of the below animal is prey for frog ?

29. Identify a fruit ?

30. Tina is listening to her favourite songs. She is using her sense of

(A) sight (B) touch
(C) smell (D) hearing

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