DevOps and Benefits of DevOps


Under a DevOps model, development and operations teams are no longer “siloed.”

Quality assurance and security teams may also become more tightly integrated with development and operations and throughout the application lifecycle

DevOps has come the new methods of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, (CI/CD) and Continuous Deployment. 

Benefits of DevOps


Move at higher velocity

Rapid Delivery

Increase the frequency and pace of releases 


Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes s


Operate and manage your infrastructure and development processes at scale. 

Improved Collaboration

Developers and operations teams collaborate closely, share many responsibilities, and combine their workflows. This reduces inefficiencies and saves time (e.g. reduced handover periods between developers and operations, writing code that takes into account the environment in which it is run).


Move quickly while retaining control and preserving compliance.