Escape Sequence in PHP

Backslash () is used in PHP as escaping character. Escape sequences are started with escaping character backslash ().

List of widely used escape sequences in PHP:

Print the next character as a double quote

Print the next character as a single quote


Print a new line character


Print a tab character


Print a carriage return 


Print the next character as a dollar

Escape Sequence Examples :

Here is a code example of these escape sequences in action:

“This is an “escaped double quote” string”
echoNaman’s photo”
echo “I have $100 in my pocket”
echo “This ends with a line returnn”
echo “c:\Download\myfile.txt”

Output :
This is an “escaped double quote” string;
Naman’s photo
I have $100 in my pocket
This ends with a line return


Features in PHP Editor

Features in PHP Editor

Below are some of important features which a PHP Editor have :

  1. Code hinting

  2. Syntax Checking

  3. Show commonly used code blocks

  4. Code Snippets

  5. Support Keyboard Shortcuts – Code Navigation and Common Operations

  6. Have Database connectivity features

  7. Debugging

Any PHP Editor which has above features can be selected for development activity in PHP.

What is WAMP , LAMP and MAMP ?


WAMP stands for Windows , Apache , MySQL and PHP
LAMP stands for Linux , Apache , MySQL and PHP
MAMP stands for Mac , Apache , MySQL and PHP

These describes a fully functioning setup for developing dynamic internet web pages. WAMP , LAMP and MAMP comes as a single package which one can install and get ones web development server up and running.