Escape Sequence in PHP

Backslash () is used in PHP as escaping character. Escape sequences are started with escaping character backslash ().

List of widely used escape sequences in PHP:

Print the next character as a double quote

Print the next character as a single quote


Print a new line character


Print a tab character


Print a carriage return 


Print the next character as a dollar

Escape Sequence Examples :

Here is a code example of these escape sequences in action:

“This is an “escaped double quote” string”
echoNaman’s photo”
echo “I have $100 in my pocket”
echo “This ends with a line returnn”
echo “c:\Download\myfile.txt”

Output :
This is an “escaped double quote” string;
Naman’s photo
I have $100 in my pocket
This ends with a line return


Features in PHP Editor

Features in PHP Editor

Below are some of important features which a PHP Editor have :

  1. Code hinting

  2. Syntax Checking

  3. Show commonly used code blocks

  4. Code Snippets

  5. Support Keyboard Shortcuts – Code Navigation and Common Operations

  6. Have Database connectivity features

  7. Debugging

Any PHP Editor which has above features can be selected for development activity in PHP.

Steps to Install WAMP on Window

Steps to Install WAMP on Window

We will install EasyPHP as WAMP server on Window.

1. Click on download link on and download the installables :

EasyPHP  Download Page
Download Page

Select appropriate ersion based on Windows operating system

Click on download icon to download .exe file

2. Click on downloaded .exe and select language and Click on OK :

3. Click on Next in EasyPHP DevServer Setup Wizard :

4. Click on “I accept the agreement” checkbox and Click on Next :
5. Click on Next button :
6. Click on Next button in Select Destination Location :
7. Click on Next in Select Start Menu Folder
8. Click on Install button :
9. Wait for Setup to install EasyPHP DevServer :
10. Click on Finish button to complete installation