WCF Quiz – Part 2

WCF Quiz – Part 2

Question 1 :

Which is the namespace most commonly used in WCF Service ?

1. System.Service

2. System.Data

3. System.ServiceModel

4. System.Web
Question 2 :
Which namespace is required in a class to use DataContract or DataMember attribute for a class or properties?
1. using System.Runtime.Serialization;

2. using System.ServiceModel;

3. using System.ServiceModel.Web
4. using System.Xml.Serialization
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WCF Quiz

WCF Quiz

1. Select the one best answer

A. WCF provides a wrapper around basic Web services.
B. WCF services can expose operations in many ways, of which Web services are only one.
C. WCF is based on a model that uses classes and types, rather than schemas and contracts.
D. WCF is only intended to work with Web services.

2. WCF services can only use SOAP to communicate

Which of the following is true about the address component of an endpoint?
Select the one best answer.

A. The address specifies an email address the client uses to send a service request.
B. The address format is not protocol specific.
C. The address information can only be stored in code files.
D. The address identifies where on the network the service is located.