Unified Cyber Olympiad 2020 – Class 2 Examination Papers – Part 5

Select the correct option to answer every question given below.

Class – 2 Computers

41. Select the incorrect match.

42. The mouse which has a rubber or a metal ball under its belly is known as _.
(A) Mechanical mouse (B) Optical mouse
(C) 3D mouse (D) Tactile mouse

43. Who am I ?
• I am the processing unit of a computer.
• All major activities of the computer are
coordinated by me.

44. The given images shows the use of computers in

(A) Police station (B) Bank
(C) School (D) None of these

45. By speaking into __ you can record your voice in the computer.

Class – 2 English

46. Complete spellings correctly for given pictures and match them correctly to get the complete mark.

(A) P = (ii), Q = (iii), R = (i), S = (iv)
(B) P = (iv), Q = (ii), R = (iii), S = (i)
(C) P = (i), Q = (ii), R = (iii), S = (iv)
(D) P = (ii), Q = (iii), R = (iv), S = (i)

47. Select option that is a plural.
(A) Class (B) Rice (C) Sheep (D) Cheese

48. Which option is a wrong spelling ?
(A) Sparrow (B) Girraffe (C) Elephant (D) Zebra

49. Select option that is a collective noun.
(A) Rack (B) Sack (C) Pack (D) Hack

50. Select option that can be a past tense.
(A) Catch (B) Cut (C) Sell (D) Eat

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